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Umbilical Manufacturers Federation


Engagement with Industry – Workshops

Where the UMF identifies a subject that it believes should be highlighted to the industry then a workshop may be organised to facilitate open discussion on the issue. The aims of such workshops can be varied :-

Past Workshops

Umbilical Blockages: A workshop was held in January 2005 to explore the issue of blockages in umbilical systems. The workshop was well attended with a good dialogue generated on the subject. The workshop ultimately led to the formation of a UMF sponsored Joint Industry Project covering ‘ Blockage Avoidance in Subsea Injection and Control Systems’ or BASICS.

Umbilical Installation: A workshop was held in June 2009 in Aberdeen to examine issues surrounding umbilical installation. The event was a great success with over 100 attendees from across the industry. Discussion groups explored a number of themes such as reduction in the size of subsea terminations, and matching installation vessel spread to umbilical characteristics. Feedback from the event was that follow up activity was warranted and the UMF undertook to raise the workshop outputs with a number of major installation companies. This further dialogue with installers resulted in the initiation of the UMSIRE JIP (Umbilical Termination Size Reduction) http://www.umsire.com/ .

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