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Umbilical Manufacturers Federation

Joint Industry Projects

Engagement with Industry – Joint Industry Projects

Where an industry wide problem, issue, or concern is believed to exist with the application of umbilical products then the UMF may consider initiating or sponsoring a Joint Industry Project.

The normal approach would be to first organise one or more workshops on a given subject in order to test the industry interest level and gauge the extent of the problem. If the outcome of these workshops proves positive then a JIP launch meeting may be organised and advertised via trade journals and member associations such as the Society for Underwater Technology. Should sufficient support be evident at a launch meeting then a full JIP may be initiated.

The UMF’s involvement in a given JIP may include sponsorship, participation as a JIP member, technical support to the JIP, or a combination of these activities. 

Examples of industry wide projects initiated by the UMF include the BASICS JIP (Blockage Avoidance in Subsea Injection and Control Systems) http://www.basics-jip.com/ , and UMSIRE JIP (Umbilical Termination Size Reduction) http://www.umsire.com/ .

The UMF is considering further workshops which may in turn lead on to JIPs and is open to suggestions from the industry.

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