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Umbilical Manufacturers Federation

Welcome to the website of the Umbilical
Manufacturers’ Federation (UMF)

The UMF was founded in January 2001 with the objective of promoting the benefits of umbilical products for the offshore oil and gas industry. The organisation seeks to build and improve upon the established high levels of quality, reliability and safety of umbilical products.

This is achieved via engagement with material suppliers, international specification bodies, system designers, installers, operators, and other interested parties. The joint interests of the Member Companies are the maintenance of the reputation of umbilical products in the industry and to ensure such products are manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. It also seeks to provide system designers and end users with guidance notes in respect of such products.

The UMF is also proactive in engagement with the industry by means of workshops and joint industry projects. The UMF aims to be an association of benefit both for its members and for the users of its products. As such, the UMF will not engage in any activity that may limit existing or future competition between its member companies, and/or between one or more members and other participants in the market.

Umbilical manufacturers wishing to apply for membership of the UMF should do so by submitting a request using the Contact section of this website.


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